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  Transportation (Road and Rail)

Van And Temperature Controlled Transportation Service

Our van and temperature controlled trailer Division works closely with customers whose transportation needs involve the use of mostly 53' 48' & 36' trailers.  Almost all van shipments are time sensitive, whether it is products for retail going to the consumer or products being warehoused for future distribution.  We find out what our customers need and then work to provide a consistent solution that includes dedicated services.

Intermodal Transportation Service

Our intermodal division deals with all aspects of transportation of goods via rail we work closely with our customers whose needs involve the use of 53' 40'and 20' chasses for moving there containers from the rail and delivering it to there customers and having the containers reloaded or delivering them empty back to the rail depending on our customers needs

Flat Deck Transportation Service

Flat decks range in lengths from 45' to 53' with a deck height usually 58" to 60".  The stretch trailer, usually 48' in the closed position, extends to lengths of 70' to80' these trailers are used for transporting multi dimensional loads such as pipes, machinery and other loads that are not transportable by conventional trailers

Step Deck Transportation Services

Step decks are usually 48' or 53' long with lower deck lengths of 37' to 43'.  Heights are as low as 32" or 36" but are commonly found at 38" to 42".  The extendable step deck stretches to fit long loads with lower deck lengths of 65' to 70' these trailers are used for transporting mostly earth moving machinery such as bulldozers ,graders etc these trailers are also used to transport other loads that are over dimensional and fall under the category of special moves

Other Services Related To Transportation

We also provide storage trailers to our customers whose needs require that the load be held for a day to as long as required by the customer we also do cross docking and deliveries of cross docked loads we also provide provisions for reworking of loads that are damaged or displaced in the trailers during the course of transportation we provide space for reworking these loads and the man power to rework these loads as required by the customer


Red Maple provides LTL motor freight service to its customers whose products move best through motor freight carriers. Or so called common carriers.  Through our business relationships with many of the nationally recognized LTL carriers, we provide a discounted and customized service that gives our customers the most competitive LTL rate with the best LTL service.  Our process includes:

  • Providing the freight rate before shipment
  • Selecting the best carrier for the shipment
  • Daily tracking
Consolidation of payments to Red Maple Ent Inc instead of multiple carriers
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